Complete the sudoku

2. Complete the sudoku

The basis of all images within the Sudoku World Wide Art Peace Project is the number square with 9 x 9 digits.

You can make one up by yourself, but that’s not easy. This can be very frustrating. So maybe it’s better to let us help?

It is easier to solve a sudoku puzzle. Sudoku are those kind of puzzles in which only some of the numbers are given, the other one’s must then be found and filled in by the person doing the puzzle. There is always only 1 solution. You have already seen an example.

These puzzles are common worldwide, often found in newspapers. That’s why you too should be able to find one. Then usually the solution turns up a few pages further on or in the next issue of the paper.

For the enthusiasts: there are also many puzzle books available, with nothing but Sudoku ….

The easiest way for you to take part in SWWAPP is to transfer the solution of such a riddle into the following form.

You can also find Sudokus on the Internet worldwide. If you have found this website, you will also find Sudokus.

The name of our project, the Sudoku World Wide Art Peace Project, takes its name from these riddles. But that’s the only part that’s “puzzling”. Because everything is completely open, without any secrets.

Graphic Art Work will only process completely submitted forms.

This website is incomplete as we are still working on it. The form for online filling of the SUDOKU is still in progress. But you can send me an email, and the numbers in an attachment. As other details are necessary, please contact me.

The form is not finished yet. Please send us an email or use the contact form.

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