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Graphic Art Work

SWWAPP is a project of “Graphic Art Work” by Lutz Schoenherr.

I work as a freelance visual artist since the early 2000s in Edenkoben in the Palatinate (Germany).

The name of the company is program: I mainly work in the sector of graphics. And produce art. It goes without saying that this has to do with work. And the result is also in any case a piece of work. Thus resulting in: graphic art work.

The focus of my previous work is on the production of abstract images in the medium of acrylic painting. Also sculptures and large-scale installations belong to my projects.

My works have been shown at numerous exhibitions and art fairs in Germany and abroad.

My artistic motives:

Nothing in nature is strictly geometric, ie. square, triangular, circular, symmetrical. In contrast, everything that man has created corresponds to these basic schemata. Except for exceptions, where the creator of these works purposely breaks this pattern (for example, the architectural visions of Friedensreich Hundertwasser).

Starting point of my works are almost always these basic human elements made of circle (also half or quarter circle) and square (also subsets thereof: (symmetrical) triangles), which are arranged and repeated according to strict rules. Or just a given line pattern, which, in different combinations, defines a mathematical surface pattern.

By breaking through this rather technically oriented approach in as few places as possible, the results of my pictures approach nature again: suddenly two- or even three-dimensional images emerge, areas become spaces, static surface design appears as sometimes dizzying dynamics. Differentiated color design enhances the unexpected effects.

Marrakesch V | 2013| acrylic on canvas | 80 x 120 cm

Associations of cities or even crowds of people become visible. This closes a circle: my works lead back into natural contexts. It is therefore not accidental, but almost compellingly necessary that all my pictures “have a name”. Or. conversely: Pictures “without titel” are not really amongst my paintings.

For the “Sudoku World Wide Art Project” SWWAPP, however, no attempt should be made to search for a broader title for the resulting artwork. Again, the name is already the program. It’s about the graphic design of a “huge” area ( 4 x 42 m!). Based on a digit game spread and known worldwide under the name Sudoku.

My techniques:

I started with the acrylic painting, in various techniques. But I also tried other painting techniques. Since the end of 2016 I have set up a screen printing workshop. Because many of the pictures that I have “painted” so far can also be “printed”. That’s why I designed SWWAPP as a screen print project.

More details about my work can be found on my website:

Movement structured upward“ | 2013 | acrylic on canvas | 6 mal 80 x 80 cm

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