SWWAPP is timeless

SWWAPP is time-spanning. This year has, with the leap day on February 29, 366 days. The complete work should receive one individual picture for each day of the year. (When SWWAPP is completed, there will be many more pictures, but each image is assigned to a calendar day.)

The “authors” of the image, who have their date of birth on this certain day, will create their individual template.
It is all about the day… the year of birth does not matter at all. So, the picture is designed by people who are somewhere between 5 and 100 years old. This opens a virtual genesis framework of about 100 years.

The Sudoku World Wide Art Peace Project itself is a process: it will take some time for the complete work to be fully completed. Initially, a framework of five years is planned, from 2019 to 2024. Therefore, it should be presented in all its phases on the Internet. This is also a documentation for everyone involved that it is being worked on.

The overall digital image of SWWAPP will never be finished. It is planned to find 100 co-authors for every day of the year. After 5 years the cumulative picture has 36 600 elements. Each of the elements will turn up in 8 variants. This means that there will be 292 800 pictures “in the background”.

These will be exchanged with each click on one of the drawing files. Every visitor to the website becomes the “co-author” of the cumulative art event.

This also has a symbolic character. Peace is never finished. Peace is made by humans. Anytime. Worldwide. Therefore, this will change the appearance of the Sudoku World Wide Art Peace Project. Anytime. All over.

With each image sold, SWWAPP supports the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP) with an amount of € 10. ARSP just celebrated (in 2018) its 60th anniversary. But everyone involved agrees that the work is not over yet. On the contrary, the political situation is changing so dramatically that the tasks tend to get bigger. It’s a lot to be done. You can support ARSP so that it enables people to work for peace. Anytime. Everywhere.

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