SWWAPP overcomes cultural boundaries

In 2018, the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest ESC was won by a young Israeli woman. The competition was celebrated in Portugal, the participants came from 43 countries. Maybe 186 million people watched it enthusiastically because many songs sounded confusingly similar?

At the World Cup, only German players may participate in the German national team. That’s a good thing, because otherwise it would not be a “national team”. But names like Karim Bellarabi, Emre Can, Kerem Demirbay, Leroy Sané, Mesut Ösil, Ilkai Gündugan, Semi Khedira, Mario Gomez, Jerome Boateng, Shkodran Mustafi and Serge Gnabry all sound at least “immigrant”. Have we become an immigration country completely unnoticed, everyone thinks that this is normal and accepts it? It is noteworthy here, however, that among the ultras among the football fans, especially people with right-wing national ideas come together.

If in German school classes only 10% are “German” children, many find this threatening. And if refugees come in 1000s, some would rather close the borders. Right-wing populist parties warn not only in Germany of “foreign infiltration”. And with that, you are building new borders in your own country.

SWWAPP unites all people in a common artwork. No matter with what kind of cultural background they take part in the project, they are always welcome.

With each print sold, SWWAPP supports the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace with an amount of € 10. Action Reconciliation Service for Peace is campaigning against racism and right-wing populism. And we support the project “district mothers” in Berlin. Your picture can help to continue such important work.

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