SWWAPP is a global peace project

The SWWAPP participants will be at home all over the world. They come together to create a peace artwork together. This will make them part of a peacebuilding network.

The 36 600 participants in the Sudoku World Wide Art Peace Project will be co-authors of the art work.

The co-authors will be as diverse as the world itself. Everyone brings their own individual background and is shaped by their country-specific culture. Or their religious affiliation. Their professional or social position. And their socio-economic possibilities.

All individual differences are overcome within the Sudoku World Wide Art Project. The numbers game defines a frame that creates matching single images. These culminate in a total art work compiled from all parts of the world.

Each participant is an integral part of the network of co-authors involved in the project. A network of peace workers is made.

It will create a totally inclusive artwork and a virtual total art experience. Nevertheless, the Sudoku World Wide Art Peace Project also has symbolic character.

Therefore, the co-authors act in tandem: with each image that arises “Graphic Art Work” (the physical origin of the SWWAPP) transfers an amount of 10 € to the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace. To help them continue their important, energetic work for peace worldwide.

Yehuda Cohen, an artist from Jerusalem, who survived the terror of the Auschwitz concentration camp as a 15-year-old boy, put it this way on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of ARSP: “Action Reconciliation Service for Peace is an organization with the potential to do a great deal of good. That is the meaning of pedagogical work and these are the central goals of ARSP to learn something positive and to pass it on. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of ARSP, I wish Action Reconciliation Service for Peace to examine itself again and again and to realize the meaning of the word atonement even further. Because I feel that not enough has been done yet.” More at:

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