swaps …

The name SWWAPP swaps

German: tauschen, austauschen, wechseln, vertauschen, …
English: to swap

SWWAPP is unique: each analogue print is individually produced.

SWWAPP will never be finished: the artwork is constantly changing digitally.

SWWAPP’s input is digits.

SWWAPP’s output are colors, shapes and sizes.

SWWAPP starts with mathematics.

SWWAPP flows into art art.

SWWAPP consists of 9 forms.

SWWAPP includes of 256 000 000 000 possibilities.

SWWAPP is an analogue cumulative art work.

SWWAPP is a cumulative digital art event.

SWWAPP symbolically acts as a picture.

SWWAPP acts as a donation to Action Reconciliation Service for Peace.

SWWAPP is physically created in Edenkoben (Germany).

The authors of SWWAPP are at home all over the world.

Every single analog SWWAPP image is local.

All digital SWWAPP images can be seen anywhere, from anywhere.

Each participant receives his own individual SWWAPP image.

All SWWAPP images are a global peace project.

The single SWWAPP image is 60 x 60 cm.

The analogue cumulative art work is 4 x 42 m in size.

The SWWAPP analogue cumulative art work consists of 366 elements.

The SWWAPP digital art event consists of 292 000 individual elements.

Contact Information

Lutz Schoenherr
Gustav-Froelich-Str. 8
67480 Edenkoben

 +49 (0) 6323 60 88
 +49 (0) 162 217 6409
 +49 (0) 6323 988 108
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