Sudoku World Wide Art Peace Project

SWWAPP is a peace art work.

Worldwide 36,600 people are invited to participate. For each day of the year 100 co-authors are sought, who participate with a contribution to the project.

SWWAPP is a global project.

The creation of a work of art, across all imaginable existing borders, will connect people who would never come together without this common action. That alone promotes peaceful coexistence.

SWWAPP also overcomes the limits of the creative medium.

SWWAPP will be assembled from screen printings. It will consist of the images produced by 366 co-authors. Each participant receives his/her own copy. Just like the individual contributions, the fully completed art work will be a unique piece of art work.

With the contributions of 36600 authors, digitally will be created 292800 image variants, which are always available from anywhere. That too connects. The digital image presented in the interned will change with every click. It will therefore never be finished, a timeless total art event will emerge.

SWWAPP works twice.

With each picture, which is created within the framework of the project, an amount of 10 € is transferred to the “Action Reconciliation / Peace Services”. This supports their important contribution to active work for peace, reconciliation and understanding. You will find further information at

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