Your Numbers…

Your “input” is a numbered square consisting of 9 rows and 9 columns. Each of the 9 digits may occur only once in each row and in each column. The “0” is not used.

You can “produce” such a number square by yourself. That will cause a lot of effort. It is much easier to use the solution of a SUDOKU puzzle. That’s where the name of the peace project comes from.

Ultimately, there are so many possible combinations that it would be almost impossible that 2 co-authors of the Sudoku World Wide Art Peace Project would send identical squares. The chances to win the 1st price in a lottery are much higher.

Worldwide, SUDOKU puzzles are frequently published in daily newspapers. The solution is then usually printed in the next day’s newspaper. You will need this solution. Another practical way: you can also find Sudoku puzzles and matching solutions in the internet.

The most important step is to send these numbers to SWWAPP together with some other information about you. Since we can only process data electronically you may use the form under “Filling SUDOKU” on this website. The result should look something like this:

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