… become your SWWAPP matrix …

These numbers are adopted by SWWAPP into a “matrix”… 2 functions are then assigned to each number.

Your finished picture will be composed of 9 figures. These are designed in lines.

The columns then determine the details of the figures i.e. the first two digits refer to the position in the square of numbers, the third and fourth digits specify the choice of color and the color palette to be used. The 5th and 6th numbers specify the shape to be selected and its size. The total size of form and background is influenced again with the 9th digit. The 7th and 8th digit determine the color and size of the background itself.

If this looks too technical for you – it does not matter. After being edited by SWWAPP, the result looks something like this:
(The picture produced here is using exactly those numbers as shown before. You experience the process of creating an SWWAPP art work …)

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