SWWAPP overcomes religious boundaries

Religious minorities have existed since religions exist. Historically proven are pogroms and persecutions over many thousands of years.

Christians were persecuted in the Roman Empire. An end and thus improvement for those affected should bring about the “Edict of Tolerance of Milan”, agreed in 313 AD between the Roman emperors. Attacks on Coptic Christians in different parts of the world are omnipresent. According to various sources, today up to 200 million Christians in 60 countries are threatened, disadvantaged and discriminated against because of their faith.

After the conquest of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar II in 597 BC about 10,000 people are kidnapped. The history of the Jews is a story of persecution. During the Holocaust of 1941-1945, approximately 6 million Jews were murdered in the concentration camps of the National Socialists.

“Apostates of Islam” must reckon with death threats today, including in Europe, with social ostracism, threats and attacks. The so-called “Islamic state” seems to be a dramatic overflow, which is not shared even by many established Islamic states. In Palestine, jihadists call for a “holy war” to free themselves from perpetual oppression.

The list could be continued endlessly. From any direction, into any direction.

SWWAPP overcomes the boundaries of religious background. Anyone can join no matter which religious community they feel they belong to. Perhaps, in the cumulative art event, people of very different faiths can be found side by side, probably with the same date of birth?

With each image sold, SWWAPP supports the “Action Reconciliation Service for Peace” with an amount of € 10. “Action Reconciliation Service for Peace” overcomes religious boundaries too: e.g. A Muslim young German woman (with Turkish migrant background) worked with the Christian based ARSP for 1 year in a Jewish retirement home in New York. Your image helps to support such programs.

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