Elements and Positions

The shapes are precisely defined. These are – in themselves – simple graphic objects. Their field of tension arises from their variable size and their combinational possibilities.

Each figure element will appear exactly once on your image. In the size of your choice. Your picture is based on 81 form elements. Since the size of the surrounding background can be 9-fold variable, a selection of 729 shapes will be processed on your image.

Ich bin Form 8 in Größe 6 auf Hintergrundgröße
3 in Reihe 5 in Spalte 7

9 rows and 9 columns are available for the placement of the form elements, i.e. 81 positions per element. That means almost 60,000 possible uses for each shape in its different sizes. This applies to all individual forms and your picture will therefore have approx. 540 000 combinations.

We have determined 540 000 variation possibilities for shapes, sizes and positions. Each of these can occur in 450 000 color variants.

Your picture will not only become a unique piece of art work but will be a single representation of 243 000 000 000 possibilities.

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